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We provide highly customized and personalized itineraries for corporate and leisure clients who desire worry-free, luxury arrangements for both business and pleasure.  We, at Live Travel, understand making travel arrangements can be complex and very consuming of time and energy.  We are committed to providing the best investment of your time.  You can spend hours finishing deadlines from work or shopping for the trip rather than planning the details of it.  Ultimately, you will invest your time to live the joy and experiences of traveling:  the journey of fleeting moments yet profound memories that you will have for loved ones and generations to come.


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Mayakoba of Mexico 


Mayakoba, meaning "village over the water", is internationally-recognized as one of the most exclusive resort communities in Mexico for luxury and sustainable design.  The 600-acres land is home to four resorts and 300 species of flora and fauna.  With a 5-hours direct flight from Los Angeles, Mayakoba is close enough for a weekend getaway and seclusive enough to transport you to a world far away in nature and beauty.

For thrilling adventure outside of Mayakoba, visit one of the most popular Xcaret parks, Xplor.  From swimming in the cave, rafting in crystal blue water, riding the amphibious ATV, and zip-lining two longest lines with the greatest height in Mexico, you only run short of time. 

The destination is a delightful dream and realistic escape for singles, couples, and families. 


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