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"Travel is not reward for working.  It's education for living." - Anthony Bourdain

Welcome to "Date Night with Debbie"!

​The pandemic is a time of uncertainty.  Even more so in the planning of travel.  ​We want to do something to bring you joy, connection to the world, and inspiration for future travel.  We are excited to launch "Date Night with Debbie"!  A "movie night" where Debbie will take you to destination through stories and memories of her adventure to 32 different countries.  One country for each month.

It is the day when you can relax and melt the night away to a beautiful and peaceful corner of the world.  Let's explore the beauty of another culture and discover a part of ourselves we didn’t know existed. Travel is an education in tolerance and humility. It is also an investment in the future. YOUR future. OUR future.

So grab your popcorn and pour a glass of your favorite wine.  ​Let's make travel fun again!​

P.s.  For each episode, we will place a photo of the place we will go.  Could you guess the country?

A Journey to Turkey

Which Country Is It?